Everyday Ordering

Welcome to The Bakehouse version of online ordering! Unfortunately, our website is not set up for online sales, so we have improvised!

We are taking PRE-ORDERS ONLY until further notice via curbside pick up & appointment times. All cakes are 1-2 day lead time.

**PLEASE NOTE: We are not in the facility all day. PLEASE take note of your APPOINTMENT TIME & let us know if you cannot make it ASAP.**

ALL online orders require 1/2 dozen or more…you can mix & match!

How to order?

Step 1: TRY to decide what amazing from-scratch desserts you’ll be ordering.
Step 2: Fill out the form to order (copy & paste is your bff).
Step 3: Pay the invoice we send. (We will email it via PayPal, you don’t need an account, you can pay CC. We cannot process your order w/out payment)
PICK UPS: Mon-Sat, we are CLOSED Sundays. We will contact you for an appointment pick up time.

Cupcakes: (few hours notice required)
🧁 Funfetti $2.50
🧁 Vanilla (CHOOSE: chocolate or vanilla buttercream)$2.50
🧁 Chocolate (CHOOSE: vanilla or chocolate buttercream)$2.50
🧁 Detroit Pop Rock N Rye $2.75
🧁 Poop Emoji w/TP $2.75
🧁 Coffee Latte $3
🧁 Lemon Strawberry $3
🧁 Death by Chocolate $3
🧁 German Chocolate $3.25
🧁 Carrot Cake w/cream cheese frosting $3.25
🧁 Red Velvet w/cream cheese frosting $3.25
🧁 Champagne Strawberry $3.25
🧁 Girl Scout Samoa $3
🧁 Girl Scout Thin Mint $3
🧁 Girl Scout Tagalong $3
🧁 Minis: Vanilla or Chocolate (CHOOSE: vanilla or chocolate buttercream) $1.25
🧁 Gluten Free (choc or van) $3.25 (minimum 4)
🧁 Vegan (van, funfetti, choc) $3.50 (minimum 4)
🧁 Vegan GF (van, funfetti, choc) $3.75 (minimum 4)
🧁 Vegan Carrot Cake (vegan frosting) $4.25 (Limited time treat!)

Cookies (few hours notice required)
πŸͺ Chocolate Chip $1.50 each, 1/2 dozen $7.50, 1 dozen $15
πŸͺ Double Deep Chocolate Chip (CHOOSE: vanilla or chocolate buttercream filled) $3 each
πŸͺ Peanut Butter $1.50 each, 1/2 dozen $7.50, 1 dozen $15
πŸͺ Double Deep Peanut Butter (CHOOSE: chocolate or peanut butter frosting) $3 each
πŸͺ Birthday Cake $1.50 each, 1/2 dozen $7.50, 1 dozen $15

Brownies: (few hours notice required) $2.75 each, 1/2 dozen $15, 1 dozen $30

Cheesecakes:(1-2 day notice)
2″ Minis (minimum of 6): $18 plain, $20 specialty/assorted flavors
8 Assorted Slices (baker’s choice): $38
9″/7″ Cheesecakes:
NY Plain: $32/$27
Specialty: $35/$32 (fruit, caramel, chocolate swirl, Oreo, cookie dough, brownie, turtle, you name it we can probably do it!)

**Social Distancing SPECIAL!!!**

6β€³ Vanilla, Funfetti, or Chocolate Cake: Serves 10-12 $25 (normally $30). 1-2 day lead time.
Includes: Basic decorations, vanilla or chocolate buttercream, your choice of message.
**Add a surprise specialty filling for $2!**