Online Ordering

Order for EASTER HERE!
Welcome to The Bakehouse version of online ordering!  Unfortunately, our website is not set up for online sales, so we have improvised!  ORDER CUPCAKE DECORATING KITS HERE!

We are taking PRE-ORDERS ONLY until further notice via curbside pick up & appointment times. Your order will be placed on a table outside our side door at your appointment time.

****PLEASE NOTE: We are not in the facility all day.  PLEASE take note of your APPOINTMENT TIME & let us know if you cannot be on time ASAP.***

ALL online orders require 1/2 dozen or more…you can mix & match!

Prepayment will be taken in the following ways: Invoice via email, credit cards over the phone, or PayPal.

Due to limited supplies, we have a limited selection of desserts & flavor choices, which can be found below. Please contact us via email for cake orders at 

How to order?

Step 1: TRY to decide what amazing from-scratch desserts you’ll be ordering.
Step 2: Fill out the form to order (copy & paste is your bff).
Step 3: Pay the invoice we send. (We cannot process your order w/out payment)
PICK UPS: Mon-Fri, we will contact you when it is ready. Orders placed after 10am will be ready for following day.

Cupcakes: (few hours notice required)
🧁 Funfetti $2.50
🧁 Vanilla (CHOOSE: chocolate or vanilla buttercream)$2.50
🧁 Chocolate (CHOOSE: vanilla or chocolate buttercream)$2.50
🧁 Detroit Pop Rock N Rye $2.75
🧁 Poop Emoji w/TP $2.75
🧁 Coffee Latte $3
🧁 Lemon Blueberry $3
🧁 Triple Lemon $3
🧁 Death by Chocolate $3
🧁 Cinnamon Banana  $3
🧁Red Velvet $3
🧁 Girl Scout Samoa $3
🧁 Girl Scout Thin Mint $3
🧁 Girl Scout Tagalong $3
🧁 Gluten Free (choc or van) $3.25 (minimum 4)
🧁 Vegan (choc or van) $3.50 (minimum 4)
🧁 Vegan GF (choc or van) $3.75 (minimum 4)

Cookies (few hours notice required)
🍪 Chocolate Chip $1.50 each, 1/2 dozen $7.50, 1 dozen $15
🍪 Double Deep Chocolate Chip (CHOOSE: vanilla or chocolate buttercream filled) $3 each
🍪 Peanut Butter $1.50 each, 1/2 dozen $7.50, 1 dozen $15
🍪 Double Deep Peanut Butter (CHOOSE: chocolate or peanut butter frosting) $3 each
🍪 Birthday Cake $1.50 each, 1/2 dozen $7.50, 1 dozen $15

Brownies: (few hours notice required) $2.75 each, 1/2 dozen $15, 1 dozen $30

9″ Cheesecakes: (1-2 day notice)
NY Plain: $32
Chocolate Swirl: $35
Caramel: $35
8 Assorted Slices (baker’s choice): $38

**Social Distancing SPECIAL!!!**

6″ Vanilla, Funfetti, or Chocolate Cake: Serves 10-12 $25 (normally $30)
Includes: Basic decorations, vanilla or chocolate buttercream, your choice of message.
**Add a surprise specialty filling for $2!**