Candy Cuppies 6-Pack


Candy Themed Cuppies! Reese’s, Almond Joy, Snickers, Strawberry Twizzlers, Cotton Candy, & Nerds. Complete descriptions of each cuppie below!

*NO substitutions*

*All orders require 24 hours to complete. We will contact you via email when your order is ready for pickup*


*Standard cuppie (2″ base)
*All of our products are made completely from scratch using the best ingredients! Our REAL buttercream is super creamy & smooth.
*All orders require 24 hours to complete (see lead times for CAKES)
STORAGE: We make real buttercream which means our frosting has butter in it, not shortening. It does not need to be refrigerated unless it is a hot day. If you do need to throw it in the fridge because it’s starting to melt, pull it out about 45 minutes prior to serving. It will get hard; butter does that when it gets cold! Move to an airtight container if not being consumed the same day as purchased to avoid drying out.

*Please note that although we properly sanitize all equipment, we are not a nut free facility*

Reese’s: Chocolate cuppie filled w/mini Reese’s, topped w/PB & chocolate buttercream swirl, chocolate drizzle, & Reese’s chunks.

Almond Joy: Coconut cuppie filled w/ganache, topped w/chocolate buttercream swirl, coconut, & an almond.

Snickers: Chocolate cuppie filled w/caramel & peanuts, topped w/caramel buttercream swirl, chocolate drizzle, & Snicker’s chunks.

Twizzlers: Strawberry cuppie topped w/strawberry buttercream swirl, topped with red jimmies & Twizzlers.

Cotton Candy: Vanilla cuppie topped w/cotton candy buttercream swirl & cotton candy.

Nerds: Funfetti cuppie filled with Nerds, topped w/rainbow buttercream & nerds