Vegan Basic Variety Cuppie 4-Pack


Our Vegan 4 pack includes 2 Vanilla & 2 Chocolate with a mix of frostings!
*Dairy Free
*Soy Free
*Contains Almond Milk



*Standard cuppie (2″ base).
*All of our products are made completely from scratch using the best ingredients! VEGAN=dairy free. No milk, eggs, butter, etc.
*All orders require 24 hours to complete (see lead times for CAKES)
STORAGE: It does not need to be refrigerated unless it is a hot day. If you do need to throw it in the fridge because it’s starting to melt, pull it out about 15 minutes prior to serving. Move to an airtight container if not being consumed the same day as purchased to avoid drying out.

*Please note that although we properly sanitize all equipment, we are not a nut free facility*